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Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas

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Bachelorette party Las Vegas

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you're a girl in her late 20's to mid 30's, it is inevitable that you'll find yourself in the situation of having to plan a bachelorette party for a girl in the circle you associate in. In most cities, the bachelorette party is bound to take place in a local bar or in the comfort of someone's home. While this may seem like a decent scenario for the bride-to-be's final night of the unmarried life, you may be surprised to find that your lady of the hour is probably looking for something a bit more exciting. If you're whiling to travel or already live in the area, Las Vegas is the perfect location to pamper the bachelorette.

When planning to buy a bachelorette package, there is one important rule: do as the bride-to-be would want. While the typical activity for this event may include a stripper and an extremely inappropriate night, if you are dealing with a prudish individual, a change of tactics may be required. When the normals are unusable, that's whenthe little hidden secets of Sin City come into play.

The pool season in Las vegas runs considerably longer then most states, making a poolside day all the more likely for those spring and fall weddings. To make a big event out of a day at the pool, you may want to take the bachelorette to one of Vegas' coveted pool bashes. From Friday through Sunday, most adult-only resort pools along the strip hold some form of day-long pool party. Amongst the most populars are the Hard Rock's Rehab, the Cosmopolitan's Marquee Dayclub, and the European styled Bare atthe Mirage. Take heed, though,as weekends at these locals tend to get pricey and severly crowded. If you plan on spending the day and want the comfort of a cabana, expect to take up a pool with the other girls in the party to cover the $2,000 charge.

Bachelorette Packages

Drai's allways treat ladies VIP style, if you are celebrating your bachelorette party and would like to visit Drai's, please visit our bachelorette party partner's website and ask about Drai's After Hours special for ladies.

For those lucky enough to be dealing with the traditional Vegas bachelorette party, there's a reason Sin City has its name. Strip clubs can be found from one end of the strip to the opposite, and while most cater to a crowd that favors a more feminine form, there are those that are meant to bring in the female crowd. At the Olympic Gardens and Sapphire, women gather to drink in the sex that pours off of the male revues at these locations. Looking for something with a bit more theatrical flare? The infamous Vegas shows American Storm, Thunder from Down Under, and Chippendales present viewers a show filled with tight abs and expertly performed musical numbers. Throughout these performances, audience members may get the chance to join the lucious cast on stage for a little interactive show. At the Men of Sapphire review, you can submit the lady of honor's name to the shows' DJ for a somewhat embarassing chance of a private show.

From five star dining at a choice of several dozen elegant restaurants to private engagements in a hotel room, Las Vegas isn't the bachelorette party capital of the world for no reason. There is no shortage of entertainment within these desert walls and if you have the chance to bring your bachelorette to this city of sin, it is something you must do to ensure her best night.

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