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Shows las vegas

Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas is a land of shows. Each Las Vegas Strip casino has at least one show for tourists (and locals!) to watch, and most have more. Las Vegas shows are as various as they are fantastic, from comedy shows, to magic, to showgirl shows. The variety is almost endless

One of the most famous families of shows on the Las Vegas Strip is the Cirque du Soleil productions. Cirque du Soleil is a French circus concept that has been entertaining viewers for many years now. Some Vegas shows, such as the Blue Man Group, defy categorization. This production show mixes choreography with a concert. Certainly, it is worth a look.

Classic shows like Jubilee helped create the Las Vegas image; showgirls and dancers covered in rhinestones. These may be the most quintessential of traditional Las Vegas shows, and they show no signs of fading. The Chippendales Show is for women what showgirls shows are for men. Needless to say, adult shows are a favorite for Vegas tourists.

For the more family focused visitors to Las Vegas, magic shows are an option to explore. Everyone loves be dazzled; and disappearing acts, magic with white tigers, and sharp humor mix together to create an experience that is sure to please.

Musicals also play a large role in the Las Vegas entertainment scene. Mamma Mia!, Menopause; The Musical, The Phantom of the Opera, and others show almost every night. These shows offer visitors to sit back after a day on the Strip, relax, and laugh, cry, or hum along with their favorite show characters. This Reservations Link has A to Z coverage for all the Vegas shows and its reviews.

With variety like this, everyone from bachelors and bachelorettes living it up to families with young children will find some show to fit their needs. Las Vegas shows are the backbone of the Las Vegas Strip. They donít disappoint.

After hitting the strip pretty hard if there's any show left to watch, why not try your luck at a live poker table at Wynn, Bellagio or CityCenter? most Vegas casinos have live poker room. We have to warn you though; most players there are locals and they do know how to play, if you have no success on live game then try poker sites, you probably have better chance there than live table!

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